Monday, September 19, 2016

Reflection on Place and Culture

United States culture is varied to say the least. There are many good things and many bad things. One good thing is the opportunity. Our education system is incredible (for the most part), and something I think lots of people don't appericate. It leads us to a crazy wide range of possibilities. Our technological and industrial innovation is another great thing about the US. The Internet is a fantastic thing that lets people kilometers apart interact with each other. Of course, this is not just credited to the US, but we did play a big role. Another thing is the food. Now, I've never been to another country, and though our food is often unhealthy it is good. Something that makes me really proud is the protection of natural lands. America's national parks are indescribable. I've been to 21 out of 59 national parks, the most note-worthy, in my opinion Arches National Park in Utah and Yellowstone National Park covering parts of Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. The beauty of these places, of the US, is just awesome. Speaking of awesome, let's talk about American football. Football is probably my favorite sport to watch. It gets intense, to say the least, especially between rival teams. I've had some of the best times at Super Bowl parties, celebrating the sport and throwing food at my brother when he booed my team.

Something I think is so fantastic is the diversity of Americans. It's not even just about race. Everyone has a different way of thinking, of doing things, and it's that diversity that makes America what we are. Our capacity for change is also something that makes me proud. It's shocking how, as a whole, we've changed our mindset. In almost 50 years, we went from people having to protest for their basic rights as a citizen, and to the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. to electing a black president. Change is a thing, which is insane to think about.

There are many less than pleasant things about the US. I think one of the biggest is the lack of rights that people still have to face. The fact that people still have to fight for their right to marry who they love, or go to the bathroom where they feel comfortable, or not immediately be seen as a threat because of the color of their skin is appalling to me. What is also scary, is that people are being stereotyped and killed because of those stereotypes.

Again, I could write about this until I have no words to describe the thoughts in my head, so I'm going to cut myself off. Thanks for taking the time to read. Remember to be thankful for all that you have!

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  1. Hi Taryn ,I'm Yousra I really like the way you see things specially about evolution in your country.I wish I could live in a country like the US just for the pleasure of eating unhealthy food and for leaving in a country with so much diversity!I would like to visit an american national park some day it's seem so much incredible!Do you practice any sport ? I agree with you on the lack of right in the Us in my opinion it's the only big problem for the sociale devlopement of your country. I have a brother too he is always anoying but I can also miss him very quickly.